Class Plan: “Human BEing Yoga”

75 minutes | Gentle to Basics | All Levels

As with all my class plans, please use this as a rough outline. Find your own unique expression & voice. Add & edit what feels good to your style of teaching. And, always stay in the moment with your students, speak from your heart & go with the flow.

If you have any questions, Please reach out.

I am here to support you & help you be the best teacher ever!

Human BEing Yoga was inspired my Dr. Joe Dispenza (watch him on YouTube). It is a practice in learning to separate yourself from your thoughts, to get in touch with feelings in the body & heart, and to use the present experience as training to rest in the moment.

We are Human BEings, not Human DOings. What a relief, right!

Create a safe space for your students to have their own personal experience. Allow this class to be an exploration & make it playful.