Class Plan: “Rock Power Yoga”

60 min | Build Strength, then Stretch | All Levels

As with all my class plans, please use this as a rough outline. Find your own unique expression & voice. Add & edit what feels good to your style of teaching. And, always stay in the moment with your students, speak from your heart & go with the flow.

This class can be adapted to fit all levels. This playlist rocks, so it is meant to move for the first half but, if you need it to be more basic, you can absolutely do that.

If you have any questions, Please reach out.

I am here to support you & help you be the best teacher ever!

Teaching Tip: When I have a playlist where songs have a lot of words, I try not to talk over the music too much. I will teach the flow, and then allow my students to repeat it a few times, while the music plays. This way we all can enjoy the tunes.