Class Plan: “Safe Sturdy Container Yoga”

75 min | Basic to Flow Class plan | All levels

As with all my class plans, please use this as a rough outline. Find your own unique expression & voice. Add & edit what feels good to your style of teaching. And, always stay in the moment with your students, speak from your heart & go with the flow.

If you have any questions, Please reach out.

I am here to support you & help you be the best teacher ever!

This class can be adapted to fit all levels. If you want to amp it up for a Flow or Power class, you can add more strength based exercises. If you need it to be more basic, you can do that to. This is a fun playlist that you can do a lot with.

The theme is creating a safe container to trust in your practice & process. As the teacher, make sure you create a calm & welcoming space for everyone.

Have fun!

Put your unique spin on it! What does creating a sturdy container mean to you?!