Grace My Spaces Power Yoga

60 min | Flow/Power Yoga class | All Levels

As with all my class plans, please use this as a rough outline. Find your own unique expression & voice. Add & edit what feels good to your style of teaching. And, always stay in the moment with your students, speak from your heart & go with the flow.

If you have any questions, Please reach out.

I am here to support you & help you be the best teacher ever!

Grace My Spaces Yoga was planned as a morning routine (though it can be used at any time). It focuses on creating space through all sides & directions of the body. To release any heaviness, an worry, To start fresh & new. A graceful new beginning!

Definitely upbeat, and to be taught at quicker pace. Asana can be modified for all levels.

Have fun with this one! This is definitely one of my favorite playlists thus far.