Is This You?

Core Stability & Strength Training

Feel stronger, more connected & confident in your body in just 90 days.

When it comes to your fitness, you’ve been exploring options & trying things on your own.

You may have taken a few group classes, online fitness challenges & maybe even worked with personal trainers in the past. But it doesn’t last & you still feel disconnected & weak in your body.

There’s an internal battle between where you currently are & where you think you should be.

And since you can’t exercise the way you used to, you struggle with staying pain-free & motivated.

But you want to feel strong & flexible

You want to feel agile & resilient.

You want to be filled with natural energy, not drained or tired.

And when the motivation strikes, you want to know that you’ll be able to exercise with confidence & without getting injured. 

Finding the missing puzzle pieces in your fitness journey is my specialty.

My signature Core Stability & Strength Training Program will help you feel stronger, more connected & confident in your body.

Is this you?

  • struggling to connect with your abdominal muscles
  • suffering from SI joint instability and/or back pain
  • struggling to reconnect to your inner strength & sense of self
  • feeling stressed, fatigued & burnt out, and looking for a fitness regimen to help you feel strong
  • struggling to find time to take care of you & your body
  • confused about what exercises are right for your body
  • unsure about how to exercise
  • recovering from an injury & wanting to get back to doing what you love, but need to strengthen your core first

I get it.

Exercise seems difficult & stressful when you don’t know where or how to begin – or how to get back on track

Working out can feel inconvenient when you have a million other things to take care of. 

And even worse, it is really depressing, when you go to workout & you get injured.

My 1-on-1 Core Stability & Strength program is designed for the go-getter who is tired of playing guessing games with their health & fitness, and is ready for a plan to help them feel better, more energized & pain-free.

This program will help you befriend exercise again with a customized startegy:

  • so you can have the energy you need to be available for your family & play with your kids after work. 
  • so you can feel confident & comfortable in your own skin.
  • so you can turn stress into strength.

When you feel confident, balanced, connected & strong, better decision-making & more joy flows into all aspects of your life.

I've carefully crafted this program to support you every single step of the way

"Jessi is one of the very best fitness leaders I've known, Her cues are succinct and clear. She has a fun sense of humor. She peppers her routines with helpful information about anatomy and inspirational sayings or quotes to empower the class. If you are looking for a trainer, Jessi will get you results you were and were not expecting. You'll feel inspired, cared for, strong, and lighter on your feet and in your heart."
Paul B.

Inside, my 1-on-1 Core Stability and Strength Program you will receive:


This package is completely customized for you, your goals & where you are life, my 90-day package starts at $1,500.

The first step is scheduling a connection call.

This program is built around you & your goals.

My holistic approach to fitness takes into account your mental emotional & spiritual care, along with your physical fitness.
This program is designed not just to strengthen your body, but also to strengthen your confidence, mindset & overall well-being.
Even if other programs haven't worked for you in the past, this program will because:
"Jessi knows her stuff. I tried out lots of trainers before I found Jessi, but none of them knew functional anatomy or could correct my form like she does."
Paul B.

You can no longer ignore your body.

It’s time to approach your health differently. 

It’s time to prioritize you inner strength & well-being.

Developing a better understanding of how you move & connect with your inner strength is what the Core Stability & Strength Program is all about.

After this program you will:

  • Have a workout plan that compliments your body & goals. 
  • Understand safe alignment for your body & feel confident to exercise on your own.
  • Feel stronger & more connected to your body.
  • Have the tools you need to include more positivity & health into your life. 

H, I'm Jessi!

For the past 10 years, I’ve been helping people of all ages & fitness levels reframe their relationship with movement. As a Holistic Fitness Trainer, I not only train people’s bodies, I also help them shift their mindsets to see movement as a tool for mental wellbeing & an investment into graceful aging.

As a college athlete, virgo, older sister & recovering perfectionist, I value my ability to complete a to-do list & go-go-go. After several major injuries, crippling anxiety & back pain, I went on a search for ways to sustain my productivity while also minimizing the chance for another burn-out.

I learned that movement is not about performing or competing, it is an essential therapy to help the human body manage the stress of life.

My goal is to inspire people to befriend movement & love their bodies, so they can live pain-free & motivated.

I combine techniques from Yoga, Pilates, Strength Training, Massage Therapy & Mindfulness to craft well thought out, customized training plans to support your human experience.


​This is a renewable 3-month program tailored to your body & goals.
Jessi Rose McMaster
I am a coach – dedicated to empowering everyone I interact with to be their best selves.
I am a teammate – who always shows up & delivers.
I am an athlete – learning to befriend consistency, rather than revere intensity.
I am a lioness – nurturing & strong.
I am an artist – always innovating & exploring new tools.
Go-getters who are feeling stagnant & who are ready for an effective & efficient fitness plan.
Newcomers to fitness/exercise who are not sure what their body needs & who want to learn how to workout properly.
Procrastinators who lack the self-discipline to workout consistently.
Injury prone warriors who are scared of getting reinsured.
Former high-school & college athletes looking to increase their mobility & core strength.
Pre-Wedding Prep – “Bridal Bootcamp”
Swimsuit confidence & vacation readiness
  • One 30-minute kickoff call via Zoom to identify your needs, goals & weekly commitments.
  • Up to 8 private training sessions per month via Zoom. The session times & frequency are completely customized to your goals & schedule.
  • A customized calendar & action plan of your personal workout schedule, accompanied by video links. This tracker is distributed monthly & includes ways to track your daily routines & consistency.
  • Weekly Consistency Coaching via text, voice memos and/or Marco Polo. Quick check-ins happen 1-3 times per week.
  • *BONUS* Additional recovery, stretching, mobility & meditation practices, sent as needed. (Value $250)
  • *BONUS* Supplement Guide includes suggested, all-natural, supplements to help enhance your workouts, increase your energy levels & improve your rest & recovery. (Value $111)
  • *BONUS* Seasonal Adjustments Guide – includes recipes, lifestyle & fitness suggestions – from Ayurveda – to best support you during the current season of the year. (Value $111)
  • *BONUS* You will also receive access to my live group virtual classes. Classes are 30-45 minutes & occur on Zoom. Depending on your needs & your schedule. (Value $288)

Online (unless otherwise arranged)

Live training sessions are on zoom – recorded for client’s reference only

Training plans are distributed via google spreadsheet & PDFs

Weekly check-ins are done via text, voice memos and/or Marco Polo

3-month package begins at $1,500

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