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If you’re done with bandaids and quick fixes.. and you’re ready for tools that will build sustainable core strength.

Grab my signature BreathCore program for over 50% off!

This isn't a typical “workout” program;

it's a life-changing journey that empowers you with skills to activate your core muscles through the incredible power of breathwork.

Despite what we’ve been told, the trick to feeling stronger and more confident in your core is not 100s of crunches or difficult exercises, like hanging leg raises.

It also doesn’t require you to do more planks or lift heavy weights.

Core strength and confidence comes from understanding how to breathe.

In just 2 weeks, BreathCore will provide you with lifelong tools that will help you:

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BreathCore includes:

Hear it from the BreathCore community!

“Jessi McMaster’s delivery and knowledge is outstanding. I joined her BreathCore program because I was looking for something to help me reduce my back and joint pain. I knew breath would help, but I wasn't sure how. Through BreathCore, I learned how breath has a major impact on not just my core strength, but my overall body health. My pain is down significantly and I feel empowered because now I know how to breathe in order to keep it that way. I would absolutely recommend BreathCore!”
Jim S.
Since BreathCore, I am more connected to my core during my yoga practice and I can feel my core coming online during my day-to-day activities. It’s amazing to be able to feel my breath throughout my entire torso! BreathCore is good medicine for the body. If you’re looking for a program to help you strengthen your core, while also incorporating techniques to help you be more mindful - try BreathCore!"
-Cass D.
“I'm so thankful for Jessi and BreathCore! I joined this program when I noticed my gut was experiencing a lot of discomfort and it was actually keeping me from doing some of the fitness and everyday tasks that I wanted to do. Jessi’s holistic approach to fitness and core strength has really helped me level up my own practice and my relationship to my health. Because of her BreathCore program, I now have a better understanding of the layers of my core and have a better understanding of how to connect my core, my breath, and my gut. I am so grateful for this new connection! The short workouts made it super easy to fit it into my busy schedule. Jessi’s teaching style is easy to understand and the love, effort and attention she puts into this course is surreal. Jessi has a way of inspiring and motivating you to continue to show up for yourself in a very positive way. If you’re looking for a program to help you breathe better and build core strength, try BreathCore, I’m sure you’ll love it!!!”
-Kasie R.
“I chose BreathCore because I was curious about the program and was looking for a different approach to wellness and staying fit. BreathCore taught me how important it is to breathe deeply, I learned different ways to breathe and how to use the capacity of the entire core to breathe - and I feel my core getting stronger! Plus, I now have simple breathing techniques to help me relax and calm my mind. If you’re thinking about doing BreathCore - try it! You will learn so much about how important breathing is to core strength.”
Cheryl B.

Having the right tools to feel strong in your body is worth the investment.

And this particular investment pays off for years to come.


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Is BreathCore Your Vibe?

This program is a perfect fit if you are: