If you're ready to build a more supportive core and a mid-section you feel confident in...

Then you're in the right place!

Your ultimate guide to core strength through breathwork.

How would it feel to sit up a little taller and move from a place of inner strength and confidence?

Pretty good right?!

With BreathCore you will:

  • Learn how to better support your spine with your core, which often alleviates a lot of joint pain
  • Gain a deeper connection to your center of gravity, feel more balanced and move with more ease
  • Master the art of directing your breath in a way that moves energy, releases tension and cultivates inner strength

This isn’t just a 2-week program; 

it’s a life-changing journey that empowers you with skills to activate your core muscles through the incredible power of breathwork.

Maybe you’ve started to notice imbalances in your body that are limiting your ability to operate with strength and to enjoy life.

You keep telling yourself “I should strengthen my core,” but are unsure on where to begin and lack the knowledge about what you should do.

👉🏼You’re done with bandaids and quick fixes, you’re ready for the tools you need to move and function with confidence.

👉🏼You’re ready to feel connected to your body in a positive way.

BreathCore will show you how.

Why choose BreathCore?

Because this isn’t just some fitness fad, my friend.

According to a study in the Journal of Physical Therapy Science, proper breathing techniques can significantly boost core muscle activation. 

BreathCore is rooted in science to help you move and feel better in your body!!

BreathCore includes:

Hear it from the BreathCore community!

“Jessi McMaster’s delivery and knowledge is outstanding. I joined her BreathCore program because I was looking for something to help me reduce my back and joint pain. I knew breath would help, but I wasn't sure how. Through BreathCore, I learned how breath has a major impact on not just my core strength, but my overall body health. My pain is down significantly and I feel empowered because now I know how to breathe in order to keep it that way. I would absolutely recommend BreathCore!”
Jim S.
Since BreathCore, I am more connected to my core during my yoga practice and I can feel my core coming online during my day-to-day activities. It’s amazing to be able to feel my breath throughout my entire torso! BreathCore is good medicine for the body. If you’re looking for a program to help you strengthen your core, while also incorporating techniques to help you be more mindful - try BreathCore!"
-Cass D.

Despite what we’ve been told, the trick to feeling stronger and more confident in your core is not 100s of crunches or difficult exercises, like hanging leg raises. It also doesn’t require you to do more planks or lift heavy weights.

Core strength and confidence comes from understanding how to breathe.

Seems simple right? You’re breathing now, why isn’t it working.

The trick is understanding how to breathe so that you are encouraging flow and support every moment with every movement of every day.

BreathCore will teach you how to be a conductor of your breath.

To direct the symphony of breath throughout the body in order to UNLOCK NEW LEVELS OF STRENGTH AND AWARENESS WITHIN YOUR CORE.

BreathCore will provide you with LIFELONG TOOLS that will help you:

I get it...

Exercise seems difficult & stressful when you don’t know where to begin.

And, there are so many programs out there claiming to have the solution. 



A tool you have with you 24/7!

BreathCore is not like other programs that teach difficult exercises and complicated routines. 

This is more than just a quick fix;
you're investing in lifelong strength!

This program will work even if, right now...

You're worried you won't have enough time because you have a million other things to take care of -
You're feeling discouraged when you go to workout, you'll get re-injured -
You've tried programs in the past that promised flatter abs or a smaller waist, but didn't see any progress -

It is never too late to change the way you approach fitness and feeling confident in your body.

Having the right tools to feel strong in your body is worth the investment.

And this particular investment pays off for years to come.

Is BreathCore Your Vibe?

This program is a perfect fit if you are:

“I'm so thankful for Jessi and BreathCore! I joined this program when I noticed my gut was experiencing a lot of discomfort and it was actually keeping me from doing some of the fitness and everyday tasks that I wanted to do. Jessi’s holistic approach to fitness and core strength has really helped me level up my own practice and my relationship to my health. Because of her BreathCore program, I now have a better understanding of the layers of my core and have a better understanding of how to connect my core, my breath, and my gut. I am so grateful for this new connection! The short workouts made it super easy to fit it into my busy schedule. Jessi’s teaching style is easy to understand and the love, effort and attention she puts into this course is surreal. Jessi has a way of inspiring and motivating you to continue to show up for yourself in a very positive way. If you’re looking for a program to help you breathe better and build core strength, try BreathCore, I’m sure you’ll love it!!!”

BreathCore is a self-paced 2 week program designed to strengthen your core through breathwork exercises and education.

Program Highlights:

Check out these awesome bonuses!

Hear it from the BreathCore community!

“BreathCore taught me how important my breath is for my overall health and well-being. I learned that without proper breathing, any other exercise program you are doing will not be nearly as effective. One of my favorite things about this program is that it is easily digestible, with just a small time investment each day and I can do it on my schedule. BreathCore has given me tools to slow down, be more mindful and has had a major impact on my energy levels. I didn’t expect it, but even my sleep has dramatically improved!”
Julie M.
"Jessi's energy is inspiring and it is apparent that her well thought out workouts and precise cues are grounded in a deep knowledge of how our bodies work. Her guidance has helped me finally connect to my core, even from across the screen! Jessi offers a real value with her programs by providing a variety of physical training through functional fitness along with yoga and pilates, with personal coaching and spiritual musings between workouts that support your whole being. Jessi McMaster is an outstanding resource for anyone looking for inspiration, support, and true wellbeing."
Liv G.
“I chose BreathCore because I was curious about the program and was looking for a different approach to wellness and staying fit. BreathCore taught me how important it is to breathe deeply, I learned different ways to breathe and how to use the capacity of the entire core to breathe - and I feel my core getting stronger! Plus, I now have simple breathing techniques to help me relax and calm my mind. If you’re thinking about doing BreathCore - try it! You will learn so much about how important breathing is to core strength.”
Cheryl B.

If you continue to workout without knowing how to engage with your core, you put yourself at risk of injury.

You wouldn’t build a house without first establishing the framework. 

In a garden you have to tend to the soil if you want your plants to grow strong.

BreathCore is the framework and the rich soil you need to move your body with confidence, strength and without injury.

Don't miss out

on these LIFELONG TOOLS that will help you:

Hi, I'm Jessi!

For the past 10 years, I’ve been helping people of all ages & fitness levels feel more grounded through mindful movement. As a Holistic Fitness Trainer, I focus on how we can use the body as a tool for better mental health and positive emotional processing.

I provide simple strategies in a welcoming space. My coaching style focuses on strong foundations of body awareness & stabilization. I combine techniques from Yoga, Pilates, Strength Training, Massage Therapy and Mindfulness to craft well thought out and customized training plans.

My goal is to inspire you to befriend movement again, and to equip you with the powerful magic that is your breath.

You are worthy of feeling good in your body.

I can help you build resilience from the inside out.


Online program that you can take at your own pace, but can be completed in as little as 2 weeks.

You’ll receive immediate access to the materials, and a suggested timeline for completing the materials.

You will receive access to the materials right away! And will have LIFETIME ACCESS to all materials in this program.

Hi, I’m Jessi Rose McMaster!

Holistic Fitness Trainer, Master Yoga Teacher & Teacher Trainer with Stella Luna Yoga School, Pilates Instructor, Massage Therapist & WellBeing Coach

✨ I am a coach – dedicated to empowering everyone I interact with to be their best selves.

✨ I am a teammate – who always shows up & delivers.

✨ I am an athlete – learning to befriend consistency, rather than revere intensity.

✨ I am a lioness – nurturing & strong.

✨ I am an artist – always innovating & exploring new tools.

  • Individuals who are tired of feeling weak in their body, and are ready for tools to create lasting strength.
  • Go-getters who are tired of exhausting themselves in workout programs that leave their body injured or in pain
  • Anyone suffering from SI joint instability or back pain
  • Postpartum women who are looking for an entry level training program that will help them reconnect to their abdominal & pelvic floor muscles
  • Anyone suffering from an injury, gone through rehabilitation & are now looking to get themselves back to exercise in a gentle, yet effective way.
  • Anyone looking for a program that focuses solely on core strength
  • Anyone curious about breathwork/pranayama techniques and how they work with the muscles in the trunk of the body
  • Anyone who feels a lack of confidence, decisiveness or being able to stand up for themselves & are looking for support in tapping into their personal power.
  • Step-by-step core-igniting training that can be completed in as little as 2 weeks!
  • Lifetime access to all the workouts and trainings, so you can revisit anytime you need to remind those core muscles to fire!
  • 10 BreathCore Fundamental Workouts, pre-recorded follow-along videos, each under 20 minutes, so you can easily fit them into your busy schedule!
  • 4 soul-nourishing Yoga/Pilates Classes, pre-recorded, each 40 minutes long.
  • Over $700 in BONUS material to help you integrate sustainable core strength into your everyday life. These are sent as videos and PDF workbooks.


Check out these awesome bonuses!  


  • BONUS Three 8-minute Ab workouts – to keep in your back pocket for the days when you need a quick, but effective, core workout. (Value $88)


  • BONUS Two 5-minute Energizing Breath Work practices – to save for a rainy day when you need a pick-me-up or boost of inspiration. (Value $44)


  • BONUS One 15-minute Guided Relaxation practice – to use anytime you feel depleted and need something to restore your energy levels or motivate you to fit in that workout. (Value $22)


  • BONUS Anatomy of Breathing Workshop – to give you a deeper understanding of how your breathing muscles work and a simple breakdown of the structures associated with respiration. (Value $108)
Online. All trainings are sent as pre-recorded videos and/or PDF workbooks.
This 2-week program costs $144