After becoming a mom, I knew I wanted to work more on breath work and empowering my body and get stronger from the core. Since taking a class with Jessi I have felt a connection. She is so knowledgeable, and that’s why I chose to work with her, she knows it all. 


"Jessi knows her stuff. I tried out lots of trainers before I found Jessi, but none of them knew functional anatomy or could correct my form like she does. Good form has helped me get results."
Mike S.

“Jessi caters to your body and mind’s needs. It’s not just about nutrition tips or movement motivation, but also acceptance and mindfulness. 

Since working with Jessi, I’ve learned to quiet the voices that hold me back from showing up for my well-being and I’ve been able to push my body past points I never thought were possible. I have more mobility, and bounce back quicker from hard situations both physically and mentally. 

I love her online classes, they help me keep to a regular schedule and Jessi is good at cueing even through those tiny screens!”


"Jessi does an amazing job of keeping me motivated. Her energy & enthusiasm for healthy living is contagious. She pushes me to finish that last rep or that last squat. She is creative in her workouts and leaves us sweating!!! She takes the time to show us the “right” way to avoid injury. I have a bad knee and she makes sure to push me the right way and provides alternative methods to avoid issues. She checks in with positivity & holds me accountable can’t wait for the next round!!! She’s a rockstar!"
Timarie B.

I joined the program when I noticed my gut was experiencing a lot of discomfort and it was keeping me from doing fitness and everyday tasks. Joining this program gave me a better understanding of the layers that the epicenter of my health provides, and really a better understanding of how to connect my core, my gut, everything in a happy beautiful package.


"Jessi is a wonderful trainer & incredibly knowledgeable about health & exercises. Her high energy is motivating & she knows how to modify for your needs so you can achieve your goals. She showed me a road map & a guide to increase my mobility, strength, balance & general wellbeing. Jessi takes time to listen & evaluate your body movement & makes the necessary modifications. Every week, I look forward to our sessions because I can sleep better at night & have more energy in the morning. Also, her follow up texts & emails are a plus!"
Parisa R.

“Jessi’s BreathCore program is such a unique offering and it was exactly what I needed to activate my core muscles. She does a great job explaining how the core relates to every other part of the body, and how the core is key to making everything else function well. Plus, the workouts are quick and easy to fit into my busy schedule.

Since BreathCore, I am more connected to my core during my yoga practice and I can feel my core coming online during my day-to-day activities. It’s amazing to be able to feel my breath throughout my entire torso!

BreathCore is good medicine for the body. If you’re looking for a program to help you strengthen your core, while also incorporating techniques to help you be more mindful – try BreathCore!”


“Jessi McMaster’s delivery and knowledge is outstanding. I joined her BreathCore program because I was looking for something to help me reduce my back and joint pain. I knew breath would help, but I wasn't sure how. Through BreathCore, I learned how breath has a major impact on not just my core strength, but my overall body health. My pain is down significantly and I feel empowered because now I know how to breathe in order to keep it that way. I would absolutely recommend BreathCore!”
Jim S.
"Jessi's energy is inspiring and it is apparent that her well thought out workouts and precise cues are grounded in a deep knowledge of how our bodies work. Her guidance has helped me finally connect to my core, even from across the screen! Jessi offers a real value with her programs by providing a variety of physical training through functional fitness along with yoga and pilates, with personal coaching and spiritual musings between workouts that support your whole being. Jessi McMaster is an outstanding resource for anyone looking for inspiration, support, and true wellbeing."
Liv G.
"Jessi Rose has so much positive energy! Every time I work with her I feel uplifted. She is knowledgeable and makes yoga fun! I'm so glad to know her."
-Chris M.
“Jessi is one of the very best fitness leaders I've known, Her cues are succinct and clear. She has a fun sense of humor. She peppers her routines with helpful information about anatomy and inspirational sayings or quotes to empower the class. Since training with Jessi, I feel stronger, I've lost weight, and my body is more limber. I have less stress and more peace of mind. If you are looking for a trainer, Jessi will get you results you were and were not expecting. You'll feel inspired, cared for, strong, and lighter on your feet and in your heart.”
Paul B.

I want to help you feel good in your body.

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