Bodywork & Massage Therapy

Custom massage therapy sessions designed to release tension, rejuvenate circulation, and restore energy levels.

Hi, I'm Jessi

Holistic bodyworker and health coach, creating healing experiences for your mind-body-soul.

For the past 11 years, I’ve been helping people of all ages and fitness levels feel more grounded through mindful movement.

As a Holistic Fitness Trainer and Bodyworker, I focus on the relationship between the body, mind and soul. 

In 2020, I graduated from a holistic bodywork college and added massage therapy to my long list of modalities I use to be of service to my clients.

I believe there is no one-size-fits-all approach, so my sessions are customized to fit the unique needs of each individual. My goal is always to provide a safe and welcoming space, in order to help you feel grounded and restored.

Sessions are customized to fit your and your body's needs.

Each session comes with a consultation to discuss concerns and needs.

Mobile Massage

Enjoy a home massage in Las Vegas, NV.
Discounts offered when you purchase 4 or more sessions at a time.

Massage Therapy modalities offered:

Therapeutic Circulatory Massage

The intention of this type of bodywork is to promote healthy flow of body fluids and energy, while completely relaxing the body. You’ll experience full-body restoration with the use of essential oils, gentle music and healing hands.


After relaxing the body with gentle compression and kneading techniques, silicone cups are strategically placed around tense areas or joints to create “reverse pressure.” The cups lift tissue and allow for increased blood flow to the area, which facilitates mobility and reduces pain. Cupping is ideal for anyone dealing with chronic tension and joint stiffness. Cupping can be combined with other massage modalities and/or be the focus of the session.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage / Lipo Massage

This type of massage focuses on stimulating the body’s ability to release inflammation, scar tissue and other residual that builds up in the body. It is ideal for anyone feeling stuck, stagnant, needing post Lipo-Massage and post-injury/surgery support.

Thai Yoga Massage

This is a traditional therapy combining acupressure, Indian Ayurvedic principles, and assisted yoga stretches. You’ll experience full-body revitalization and will leave the session feeling at-ease and energized.

Sports Therapy

Designed to help athletes before, during or after training. Focus of the session is whatever your sport and season requires. May include other modalities like; cupping, assisted stretching, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Schedule a complimentary connection cal to chat more about it. 

After your connection call, Jessi will email you an intake form and an email with the details of your appointment.

On the day of your appointment, Jessi will show-up with all the supplies needed for your session.

Don’t worry, Jessi will bring everything needed for your massage, including the table.

60-minute session = $122

90-minute session = $144

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