Strengthen Your Core with this 10-Minute Beginner-Friendly Workout – No Equipment Needed!

Beginner-friendly core workout

Are you looking to strengthen your core with a beginner-friendly workout that requires no equipment? Look no further! In this blog post, we’ll walk you through a 10-minute deep core workout designed to enhance your core stability and strength. Whether you’re getting back into exercising or just starting your core strengthening journey, this workout is perfect for you. 

Welcome to Your Core Strengthening Journey

Hi, I’m Jessi McMaster, holistic fitness coach and yoga trainer, here to help you build core strength and stability in a way that enhances your mental and physical well-being. Join me in this holistic approach to fitness with the workout below.


How to prepare for this deep core workout

Before we dive into the workout, let’s set the stage for success. All you need is a mat, so roll it out and grab a pillow or folded blanket to support your head. Creating a positive environment for your workout is essential, so take a moment to prepare your space. Get your water ready, play some music, and set your vibe for a fulfilling workout experience.


The Workout Structure

Today’s workout consists of a circuit-style routine with three different exercises repeated three times. 

Let’s kick things off with some breathwork to center ourselves before moving into the exercises. Take a deep breath into your abdomen, and a slow exhale out. Focus on allowing your abdomen to expand on the inhale and draw in on your exhale. Repeat this two more times.

Learning how to move your abdomen with your breath is essential for building core strength and stability. So take as many breaths as you need in order to feel connected and centered in your body before beginning this workout.

Follow-along with this 10-minute Deep Core Workout here:

Core Stability Exercises

Core Stability Exercise #1 = Supine Leg Lifts

  1. Leg Lifts

   – Start by lying on your back with a pillow under your head.

   – Lift one leg at a time while keeping your core engaged and stable.

   – For an extra challenge, lift both legs and alternate lowering one at a time.


Core Stability Exercise #2 = Dead Bugs

  1. Dead Bugs

   – From lying on your back, lift both arms and legs, extend opposite limbs away from your center.

   – Focus on challenging your core stability as you reach further.


Core Stability Exercise #3 = Bird Dogs

  1. Bird Dogs

   – Begin on all fours and alternate lifting opposite arm and leg.

   – For added intensity, extend the lifted leg back or add the opposite arm forward.


Embrace the Burn – Round One

The priority is to feel your core muscles drawing in and supporting your center. So, in the first round, focus on your breath, this will help you maintain core engagement for maximum effectiveness. 

It is okay to take an easier variation of the exercise, as long as you feel your core muscles hugging in.


Feel the Intensity – Round Two 

If you can maintain the connection with your core muscles, in round two, challenge yourself by taking a more intense variation of the exercise.

Just remember – the priority to to feel your core muscle drawing in and supporting your trunk.


Finish Strong – Round Three

In the last round, give it your all and focus on every movement to maximize the benefits of this core workout.

Challenge your balance and core strength with controlled movements.

Focus on your breath.


Cool Down and Reflect

After completing the workout, take a moment to cool down and reflect on the journey you’ve just taken your core muscles through. Focus on your breath, relaxation, and gratitude for your body’s strength and resilience.

Thank you for joining me in this core-strengthening workout. Remember, consistency is key, so make sure to incorporate this routine into your weekly workout schedule for long-term benefits. Your core will thank you for the love and attention you’ve given it today!

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