Affirmations to Boost Self-Worth & Confidence

How to Focus on Yourself & Get Off the Blame-Shame Train!

If you’re stuck in mental loops of negative self-talk, or beating yourself up about past mistakes, these affirmations will help you shift your mindset to one that gives you strength and reminds you how capable you are.


How you are talking to yourself is important for your mental health and well-being.

Release the blame and shame, and step into your power right here and now.


The Affirmations for Self-Worth and Confidence can be listened to or read anytime you need to shift your internal dialogue to one that helps you feel empowered.


You have everything you need within you

Sometimes you just need a reminder.


If you’re a fan of Abraham Hicks affirmation rampages, you’ll love this.

Listen to this affirmation stream of consciousness:

OR read the affirmations below.

Affirmations for Self-Worth & Confidence | Stream of Consciousness To Not Be So Hard on Yourself

I am done wasting my energy on blame or shame for decisions from the past.


In every experience, encounter & situation, I am always learning and growing.


Past decisions do not negate my worthiness.


Right here, right now I am worthy of feeling good.


I take my worthiness out of past mistakes.


Those past experiences have allowed me to get even more clear about what I need and what vibrational stance I wish to take.


I am grateful for everything I have learned so far.


I respect myself enough to release, to come back into the power of loving myself, the power of being kind to myself.


I allow myself the space and the grace to gain wisdom and insight from past experiences.


I remember that how I feel is important. It’s less about the action. It’s more about my intention. I remember that my vibrational stance when I choose something is vital if I want a positive outcome.


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Now, more than ever before, I am choosing more consciously.


The more aware I am and the more consciously I choose my thoughts and my words, the more inspired I am into action.


I am getting clearer about what vibrational stance I want to take and more and more often I am inspired into action.


I know that inspired action fuels more inspired action.


I feel so worthy of inspired action.


Inspiration is my spirit in action and I trust this.


I am worthy of health.


I am worthy of abundance.


I am worthy of connection.


I feel so inspired to trust myself.


To trust all the insight and wisdom I have gained.


I give myself the space to observe without judgment, and I gift myself the grace to forgive, so I can move forward with confidence.


I am worthy.

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