Longevity Through Seasonal Fitness | Fall Fitness Guide

Did you know adapting your fitness routines to fit each season strengthens your energy levels & helps you avoid burn-out?

What your body needs in the spring is different from what it needs in the fall.

According to Ayurveda, each season brings its own unique elements.

There are some seasons that have more Creation vibes, think spring to summer; flowers blooming & the tactile energy in the air.

And there are seasons like fall to winter that focus more on Transformation & Preservation phases of life; think leaves falling to protect trees from frost & animals going into hibernation.

Nature provides beautiful displays of these cycles –

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The cycle repeats itself over & over again – in the seasons of the year & in the seasons of our lives.

Ayurveda is the science behind how the elements (earth, water, fire, air) affect our health. It provides a guideline of lifestyle choices that can be made each season to fit each individual’s unique blueprint & situation.

Ayurveda is the science of adapting your choices to create balance with your environment & your body.


Now, I am not an Ayurvedic doctor, I am a curious movement & manual therapist who is hungry for systems that work. And, in my opinion, Ayurveda provides strategies that are the most efficient & effective.

As I put Ayurveda’s mindset into practice I am constantly shown how being in tune with nature & adapting lifestyle choices accordingly will create optimal health & unlimited energy.

So, let’s discuss this seasonal shift.

The fall color palette is everywhere, the pumpkin spice is in the air.

The heat of the summer brings the transformation of fall.


We could describe fall with characteristics like; dry, windy, cold, rough & empty.

These characteristics tend to aggravate or perpetuate things like; achy muscles & joints, anxiety, worry, dry skin/hair, constipation, depression, forgetfulness, &insomnia.

You can counteract these fall qualities by: Keeping your body warm – cover your head & your feet.Keeping your skin moisturized – oil up!Get in a sauna – sweating will support the transformation process.


When you exercise, you can counteract these fall qualities by:

Slowing your movements down… a lot.Focusing on your form

Activating your stabilizer muscles

Practicing syncing your movement with your breath


Add these exercises into your routines:

balancing exercises; use a bozu or stability ballstabilizing exercises; especially for your hips & shouldersplanks, side planks & single arm/leg exercises

Pilates exercises!

Strive for holding exercises for longer periods of time, rather than rushing quickly between many different exercises.


For example:

5 slow, mindful squats may be better than 15 mindless, box jumps.

And a 90-second plank may be better than 20 mindless, push-ups.

15 minutes in the sauna may be better than 30 minutes jogging on the treadmill.


STABILITY, WARMTH & SLOWING DOWN are key qualities to keep in mind during the fall season.


And no matter what you choose to do; listen to your body, trust that you know your body best & meet yourself right where you are. These should always be your #1.

I hope that this information serves to deepen your awareness & encourage your longevity.

Transformation can feel very scary.

And letting go is not as easy as the trees make it appear.

Making a few simple adjustments will support your body through this process.


-Jessi rose