Affirmations for Self-Love

Yogic teachings that Remind us to Keep It Simple

The Yoga Sutras teach – in order to obtain inner peace, you must become fearless.

Fearlessness comes from physical, psychic, emotional & mental strength. It is cultivating an inner energy that is sturdy & grounded.

In order to create an inner energy that is strong, you must acknowledge that there is power in your thoughts, your words & your actions.


In Yoga, this practice is called AHIMSA.

Ahimsa is firmly establishing yourself in kindness, so that hostilities cease (Yoga Sutra 2.35).

Practicing ahimsa means that you desire to eliminate brutality from your experience, so you make compassion your new mission.


And it must start with self.

Practice changing your words – the words you say to yourself – and watch how the world around you gets easier.


Here are 20+ affirmations to support your self-ahimsa practice:

  • I am fearless in my knowing that, I now have a new purpose – I am here to love.
  • I drench myself in love & kindness, so I can cultivate an inner energy that is strong.
  • My goal is for everyone to be peaceful – I help create that with my thoughts, words & actions.
  • When I radiate good energy, good things will come.
  • I am enough.
  • My well-being is my top priority.
  • I am worthy.
  • I will not entertain what does not serve me.
  • My voice is valuable & my opinion matters.
  • I am successful.
  • I deserve to be appreciated.
  • I am gorgeous & unstoppable.
  • My struggles have made me strong & resilient.
  • I accept myself as I am.
  • My life is divinely guided & I am always headed in the right direction.
  • I own my “yes” & I own my “no.”
  • I am confident in my abilities.
  • I accept myself as I am.
  • I honor my body.
  • I can achieve anything I set my mind to.
  • Taking care of myself feels good.
  • I am a magnet for attracting love & abundance.
  • I am doing a great job.


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