Become Aware of Your Triggers – Pratyahara Meditation Script

15 min | Guided Meditation Script


Every time we see, smell, taste, touch, hear, feel, think or say something – a response occurs in our body. 

There is a constant exchange of energy occurring from you, to you & around you. 

And every time, consciously or unconsciously, signals are fired within the body.


Pratyahara is the practice of becoming more aware of triggers, so you can feel less anxious & reactive.


Pratyahara is also one of the 8 limbs of Yoga.

It is the process of tuning into your subtle sensory experience, as a way to consciously activate & heighten awareness. It encourages us to practice withdrawing our senses in order to hear our inner voice more clearly.

In Sanskrit, “pratyahara” means “to withdraw one’s senses,” or “to tune out.”


Energy Inputs vs Outputs

By becoming aware of the energy exchange that is affecting you – your mood, health, relationships, etc. – you can create a harness that allows you to have more control over how that energy is spent or invested.

Pratyahara is the practice of zooming in and zooming out, in order to gain a different perspective on how you take information in through your senses.


Pratyahara Guided Meditation Script

The following script takes the listener on a systematic journey through the body in order to aid in deeper awareness & relaxation.

During my yoga classes, I will often use my favorite pieces of this script to guide my students into a deeper savasana.

Reading the entire script slowly, it will take approximately 10-15mins.

Use your best judgment, edit what you need in the moment. Go slow, allow your words to resonate.