Are Yoga Retreats worth it?

4 Reasons Yoga & Wellness Retreats make the best vacations.


Wellness or Yoga Retreats are growing in popularity as get-aways from work & daily responsibilities, but are they really worth it?

To decide if they are a worthwhile get-away for you, let’s first discuss a few things.


What is a Wellness or Yoga Retreat?

Any type of retreat is a period of time to withdraw from day-to-day life, in order to reflect & recenter. This can be done alone or with a group. The purpose is to step away & do something out of your ordinary.

At a Wellness or Yoga Retreat, the intention is to step aside from everyday concerns to relax & care for your body-mind-spirit. This may include opportunities to detox, to learn ways to improve health or fitness, to revive with spa therapies or meditation. The activities range depending on which retreat you decide to go on.


It is a gift for yourself. So, choosing the right retreat for you is essential.

When trying to determine if going on a retreat is worth it, you must first ask yourself:

What are your reasons for going on a yoga retreat?

What do you hope to get out of retreat? Do you want to experience new adventures? Do you want to detox?

Do you prefer more physical, mental or spiritual stimulation?

What type of retreat leader are you looking for? Someone who teaches for beginners? More advanced?

Are you looking for lots of downtime & quiet? Or do you prefer yoga & fitness classes?

Another good question to ask yourself is, Are you looking for a retreat or a vacation?


A retreat should include plenty of time & activities for reflection. A vacation will usually have a busier schedule centered around adventure.


What’s your budget? Do you want to travel to another country? Do you prefer to stay local?

Once you determine your personal reasons for retreat. Then you can find a retreat that will be worth it for you.


There are a variety of retreat options out there for varying needs and abilities. Retreats are not just for advanced practitioners, in fact, there are plenty of retreats that are perfect for beginners looking to explore more about health, wellness & yoga.


Here are 4 Reasons Wellness or Yoga Retreats are worth it:


Experiential Wellness – when you step aside from everyday concerns with the intention to relax, restore & revitalize, you receive an intangible experience that benefits your overall well-being. There is nothing like a retreat to get you in the mode of EXPERIENCING WELLNESS.

Community of like-minded people – when you choose a retreat & retreat leader that fits your personality & values, you will be surrounded by a community of similar people. Retreats are a great way to make new friends.

Explore new places you wouldn’t usually go – retreats are usually held at locations that are not the usual vacation spots. When you go on retreat you get to explore areas that you wouldn’t usually explore.

Relaxation & Mental well-being – everyday stress builds-up & overtime this build-up can lead to illness & dis-ease. Retreats are a great way to unwind from everyday stress & recenter yourself. This will clear the mental clutter & make it easier to establish healthier lifestyle choices.


So, YES! Wellness or Yoga Retreats ARE WORTH IT, if you are looking to step away from day-to-day concerns in order to revive your overall health & well-being.

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