Desk Yoga for Neck Pain & Better Posture

13 Minute Quick Stretch to Relieve Tech Neck & Pain


Are you looking for solutions to tech neck?

Does upper back & neck pain interfere with your ability to focus or relax?


Screen time keeps increasing & it’s important to be aware of the impact that can have on our posture.

But, you don’t have to learn to live with neck & back pain. There are ways to improve your posture & relieve your discomfort without ever leaving your desk.


Taking a little time to consciously breathe, move & stretch can go a long way towards removing tension & pain.



This quick yoga video is done from your chair & only takes 13 minutes.

Taking this quick, productive self-care break will help you relieve neck & upper back tension, which will improve your focus, calm your nervous system so you can go about your day pain free.

Hi, I'm Jessi McMaster!

holistic health, fitness & yoga coach.

From traditional strength training to Yoga, from nutrition to sound healing, it is my mission to make the full range of wellness tools accessible for everyone.

In 2013, I made a transition from the corporate world to running my own health & fitness coaching business.

Today, I use mindful movement & exercise to not just train people’s bodies, but to enhance their overall experience of life. As a Holistic Health & Fitness Coach, I help people reframe their relationship with health to one that better supports the modern lifestyle.

I help busy go-getters, entrepreneurs & companies adopt healthier lifestyle choices that fuel creativity, productivity & overall well-being. It’s one thing to “check the fitness box,” but it’s another to do it in a way that keeps you pain-free & motivated!

3 Secrets to a STRONGER CORE

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