Common Exercise Mistakes: How to Maximize Results and Minimize Injury

Prevent Injury and Pain with 4 Simple Steps


Do you want to feel more confident in your body?

Most of us do.

And when we feel motivated to do something about it, what do we do? 👉🏼 We set a diet and some exercise goals.


We all know eating right and working out will give us more energy. And yet, the average gym member stops going after only a few months.

The main reasons people quit are: lack of results, lack of time, or injury.


Lack of results or time are often related to our mindsets or moods. But getting injured is usually out of our control and can be devastating.

In fact, since the 2020 pandemic, exercise related injuries have risen by 20%!


As we all return to our new “normals,” it is more important than ever to evaluate the effectiveness of our relationship with movement; whether we are deepening our practice, starting again, or starting for the first time.


Luckily, all it takes to maximize results and minimize the risk of injury is to address these common exercise mistakes.



Common Exercise Mistakes


1️⃣ Improper form or technique


👉🏼 Performing exercises with poor form diminishes the effectiveness of your workout and puts you at risk of injury. Whether it’s lifting weights or practicing yoga, proper form allows us to safely reap the benefits of our movement.

Take the time to learn the correct technique for each exercise then focus on maintaining proper posture and engaging the appropriate muscles while you execute each movement with control.


2️⃣ Forgetting to warm-up and cool-down:


👉🏼 One of the easiest mistakes is forgetting to warm-up and cool-down. Taking five to ten minutes to stretch and warm-up before exercise increases blood flow to the muscles and joints, which prepares them for an increased workload. Our joints especially need this additional fluid to handle added stress and strain.


Taking five to ten minutes to walk and stretch after exercise promotes recovery and reduces fatigue.

By setting aside a few minutes to warm-up and cool-down, you can minimize the risk of muscle strains, improve flexibility, and enhance overall performance.



3️⃣ Starting too heavy or too hard


👉🏼 People often want to start with weights they ‘used to lift’ or think they ‘should be able to lift.’

Don’t ‘should’ on yourself. It’s easy to be ambitious when getting started but it’s important to be realistic about where you are starting from.


My rule of thumb is to always start with the foundation. If you have been less active for any period of time, begin with body weight exercises before adding any weight.


Quality is always better than quantity. Doing fewer, more precise movements is always better than pushing yourself past the point of controlled movement.

Pushing yourself beyond your limits without allowing sufficient time for rest and recovery can lead to fatigue, increased risk of injuries, and decreased performance. Rest days are crucial for your body to repair damaged tissues, build strength, and prevent burnout. Remember to listen to your body, alternate intense workouts with lighter sessions, and incorporate rest days into your training routine. Striking the right balance between training and rest is key to long-term progress.



4️⃣ Ignoring your shoulders and hips


👉🏼 The most common exercise related injuries are the knees and shoulders.

Arm workouts typically focus on the biceps and triceps but ignore the fact that the shoulders make it all possible. To get the most out of arm workouts, our shoulders need to be ready to handle the weight. Incorporating stability and resistance exercises in upper body workouts will help ensure our shoulders can ‘shoulder’ the load.


We all know knee injuries can be a complete game changer. But, most people don’t know that knee injuries are often caused by improper hip alignment and lack of core strength.


We can’t have a strong frame without a strong core. Always begin with the basics.

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    Avoiding common exercise mistakes is crucial for making the most of your fitness journey.


    By prioritizing proper technique, warm-ups, and foundational joint and core strength you can optimize your results and achieve your fitness goals.


    Remember, consistency (not intensity) is key.


    Staying mindful of these common pitfalls will ensure that you stay on track, stay injury-free, and reap the benefits of a well-rounded exercise routine.


    Cheers to keeping your joints safe and healthy ✌🏻

    -jessi rose

    Hi, I'm Jessi McMaster!

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