Yoga for the Neck, Shoulders and Upper Back

Yoga for the neck and shoulders

Yoga for the Neck and Shoulders relieves tension from the upper body. Prioritize self-care with these simple, daily stretches.


Free Your Shoulders, Free Your Mind with this Mini Yoga Class!


Do you ever feel like you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders? 


Like you have so much to take care of that your neck, shoulders, and upper back are literally trying to hold it all together by being constantly tense and tight?


I know exactly how that feels.


There are times when it seems like the responsibility pile will never stop growing, and the stress starts to manifest physically. The worry creeps into our bodies as tension, knotting up our muscles and making it impossible to think clearly or be in a good mood.


But here’s the thing: that tension will start to control us. And before we know it, we are operating as frantic, overwhelmed and disconnected, which completely drains us.


We deserve to take time for ourselves. In fact, it is absolutely necessary if we want to create the life we desire (and require).


So I want to remind you, my fellow warrior, that it’s okay to take a moment to breathe. 


It’s okay to give yourself permission to prioritize your own self-care even when it feels like there’s a million other things demanding your attention.

It’s okay to release that tension in your neck, shoulders, and upper back.


And one of the most powerful ways to release tension is through mind-body practices, like Yoga. 

Science agrees! Check out this PubMed article about the benefits of Yoga for healing chronic neck pain.


Taking just a few minutes each day to stretch will make a world of difference. 


Not only does it help to relieve the physical tension, but it also allows you to show up in more powerful ways for yourself and for those we care about.


So today, I encourage you to take a break from the chaos, find a quiet space, and give yourself the gift of stretching. 


This quick stretch, Yoga for the Neck and Shoulders will help you unwind after a long day.


Relieve tension and pain from the upper body, specifically the neck, shoulder and upper back, with these beginner-friendly exercises.



If you found this mini yoga class helpful, try Desk Yoga for Neck Pain next!



Cheers to taking your health into your own hands ✌🏻

-jessi rose

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